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Tupac’s holographic 3D projection —- On-stage holograms for Live Events!

There has been lots of media attention surrounding Tupac Shakur’s reincarnation as a hologram at the closing night of Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival on SaturdayThis spectacular Tupac illusion uses a 19th century magician’s reflection technique called ‘‘Peppers Ghost’.

So what about using this technology for business? Is there a need? and how can it be done for lower cost?

Many corporate CEO’s and teams travel the world for annual conferences and special events and sales kick-off’s. It is important for them to attend, to be seen and answer questions from their audience but it can be costly and take valuable time from their already incredibly busy schedules. Sometimes an alternative would be much relief.

What if you could use this technology to still be present “virtually” at these events but without having to leave your home city? 

CO2 Neutral Conferencing’s on-stage hologram uses the same type of technology used at Coachella to produce the holographic illusion of a live or pre-recorded remote speaker at any on-stage anywhere in the world. However is a re-useable screen and significantly lesser cost.

This ground breaking conferencing solution not only allows the on-premise presenter to interact with 3D objects but also the remote presenters can appear ‘live’ and life size. Using super high definition video conferencing and Telepresence solutions behind the scenes presenters seem as though they’re there in person and can even answer Q&A’s from audiences on-premise.

Once an audience see this in action they are on the edge of their seats, hairs up on the back of their necks!

Therefore, there is no need to travel to multiple destinations. Reduce your costs, your carbon footprint and wow your audience by adding a little ‘CO2 Neutral Magic‘ to your event!

Contact us for more details or a demo.

April 20, 2012 | 2 Comments

Category: Blog, CO2 Neutral

  • Merz_addu

    who is the winner of American Idol?

  • Daryl Hutchings

    The winner was Phillip Phillips! 🙂