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Microsoft joins our quest for Carbon Neutrality!

CO2 Neutral Conferencing, the world’s first carbon neutral conferencing service providers congratulate Microsoft on their bold step forward.


Microsoft talk about their announcement regarding their commitment to achieve ‘carbon neutrality’

“We might get it right, we might get it wrong, but either way we’re going to share what we’re doing. We’ll share the processes and codes. Part of the process is being transparent about the learning and the mistakes — and hopefully the successes.” 

Whether or they succeed or not (and we hope they do), the effort demonstrates the importance we should all place on improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and increasing use of renewable energy.

CO2 Neutral Conferencing are proud to be one of the first organisations in the world to be carbon neutral and welcome Microsoft and all organisations out there that make the commitment!

May 17, 2012 | 0 Comments

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