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We made it! Thank you for all your support!

Our 70km Thai trek was very challenging, but we shared a truly amazing  and rewarding experience that Steve, Larry, James and myself will  never forget.  To see this beautiful landscape and meet the local tribes, villagers and children gave us a true sense of purpose along our journey.

It was our first venture to raise funds for charities across the globe, we are incredibly proud to have achieved this and we we wish to thank you all for your support and the organisers, Footsteps for Good for all their hard work to make it happen. Watch this space for future CO2 Neutral Conferencing ‘Giving back‘ projects!

So what did your generous donations go towards? A new boarding house in Po-Thai. We are excited to hear work is coming along well and the local community, are

supporting the venture and assisting with preparation of the site. The boarding house will acommodate 40 girls alongside the Po-Thai Secondary school. The school provides nursery to secondary grade 3 classes which consist of 595 pupils. These are mostly Hmong and Akha hill-tribe children from eight surrounding villages in this remote and mountainous area.

Here are a few of the photos we took. There’s still time to donate to this worthy cause simply clickDONATE‘. A big thank you again to all of you that have already donated!!  

Kind regards,

Daryl Hutchings, CEO

February 21, 2013 | 129 Comments

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