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CO2 Neutral Conferencing is the world’s first carbon neutral provider of phone, web, video, telepresence and event conferencing.

Unlike other conferencing companies, we actually take into account the supply chain of the services we provide and the effect they may have on our own carbon footprint. With internal procedures that keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum, we also encourage our suppliers to continuously improve their footprint and buy the best carbon credits in the industry. In doing this we are not only officially NoCO2 certified, but also remain the premium carbon neutral conference service provider.

With our conferencing solutions, you can keep your communication channels constantly open whilst simultaneously reducing your corporate travel expenses and your carbon footprint. Both you and the environment can be happier and healthier with no more travelling long distances for face-to-face meetings!

Whether you require a conference call, web conference or video conference, at CO2 Neutral Conferencing we have the industry skills and expertise to execute each project with the utmost efficiency.

CO2 Neutral Conferencing- cost effective communications the green way.