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Case Studies

Here are a handful of happy customers that are proud to shout out they use CO2 Neutral Conferencing….

These case studies in conferencing provide a useful starting point to understand how your organisation can use our services.



World Wide Fund For Nature Australia

“The team at CO2 Neutral Conferencing continues to deliver fast, effective and meaningful customer service allowing our global network of people to communicate successfully to do their work.”

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Earth Hour

“We are proud to work with CO2 Neutral Conferencing because the service is carbon neutral and environmentally friendly, the service is extremely cost effective and the staff are fantastic.”

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Visa monitors and delivers their message with speed and accuracy to their target audience through Event Webcast Webinars.

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UBS rapidly delivers their daily economic briefing for the global investment community and appears on Bloomberg’s webinar within 20 minutes of broadcast!

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Fuji Xerox

CO2 Neutral Conferencing provided Fuji Xerox with the full Phone Conferencing solution that enabled them to communicate to all regions.

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EDT Global

“We have been using the services of CO2 Neutral Conferencing for some time now and quite frankly I don’t think our business would function quite the same without it.”

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3 Pillars Network

“CO2 Neutral Conferencing have always been a pleasure to deal with, very responsive to our needs and have made often dauntingly complex technology very simple to understand and use effectively.”

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NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Department of Environment’s live event in Sydney, reaches their whole target audience across Australia through CO2 Neutral Conferencing’s integrated Event Conferencing solution.

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The Treasury

The Treasury saves budgetary expenditure and commits to an environmental-friendly solution with CO2 Neutral Conferencing.

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Aberdeen Asset Management

“We have always treated CO2 Neutral Conferencing as our business partner. Holding a good webinar is like having the world at your fingertips.”

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World Wide Fund for Nature International

“Since the beginning of our relationship with CO2 Neutral Conferencing we have run several events across the world. Due to their expertise and knowledge these events have been highly successful and well received.”

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