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Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox communicate to all regions in Asia and streamline their billing system.

The Organisation: Fuji Xerox are the worldwide leaders in document outsourcing. They have the global experience and people, process and technology to provide the best market solutions. They take an organisation-wide view of documents and examine how they are created, produced, distributed and captured which allows them to identify where process efficiencies and cost savings can be made and to deliver sustainable business benefits to organisations.

The Problem: Fuji Xerox required conference calling facility that enabled their accounts to proportion costs between departments. They needed a streamlined billing system that was accurate and easy to use for both parties.

The Solution: CO2 Neutral Conferencing provided Fuji Xerox with the full Phone Conferencing solution that enabled them to communicate to all regions. This facility allowed them to report back through departments and cost centres with ease and accuracy. In addition the Web Conferencing solution allowed Fuji Xerox to share and present documents and proposals to their customers and vendors. This ability to share documents through cost centres and divisions also allowed their billing to run smoothly and efficiently.

Services Used

  • Conference Call (mini-description from product category auto-updates content)
  • Cisco WebEx (mini-description from product category auto-updates content)