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NSW Office of Environment and Heritage

Department of Environment’s live event in Sydney reaches their whole target audience across Australia through CO2 Neutral Conferencing’s integrated Event Conferencing solution.

The Organisation: The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) regulates industry, protects and conserves the environment, manages over 850 national parks and reserves and protects the natural, cultural and built heritage in NSW. In 2010 seven million hectares of land in thier national parks and reserve system was protected, and NSW programs helped ‘green’ more than 300,000 homes.

The Problem: NSW DECCW wished to run a live event at a hotel venue with over 200 people present. However, 20 participants were unable to attend the event in person due to travel costs.

The Solution: CO2 Neutral Conferencing provided a live video stream of the room, keynote speakers and slides to remote audiences across Australia. The Q&A solution at the end of the conference enabled questions to be taken from participants in the room and also from remote participants on the phone as well as from a chat panel. This unique service from CO2 Neutral Conferencing  was due to an integration with their audio visual system. The event was a great success and it helped NSW DECCW to deliver their message to  people that otherwise would have been unable to participate in the event.

Services Used

  • Remote Keynote Speaker (mini-description from product category auto-updates content)
  • Webcast (mini-description from product category auto-updates content)