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UBS rapidly delivers their daily economic briefing for the global investment community and appears on Bloomberg’s webinar within 20 minutes of broadcast!

The Organisation: UBS is a global firm that is present in all major financial centres and has offices in over 50 countries. They provide financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients. Their strategic advice is informed by world-class insights and comprehensive access to the global capital markets. They are dedicated to helping their clients achieve goals and aspirations, taking an approach that extends beyond the realms of investments.

The Problem: UBS required a rapid delivery of their daily economic briefing for the global investment community. One of their Senior Global Economists wished to be able to broadcast his economic commentary on current issues affecting economies and financial markets around the globe. The catch was he wished to do this daily at 7am from wherever he was in the world.

The Solution: CO2 Neutral Conferencing structured a solution to enable the 5-minute broadcast using Audiocast to appear on the Bloomberg internet site after 20 minutes as a webinar, who would in turn provide a webcast for users to dial in and listen to the global themes and macro issues addressed during the UBS briefing.

Services Used

  • Audiocast (mini-description from product category auto-updates content)