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70k for 70k

Taking the first step for a Child’s Dream

As an organisation that embraces Corporate Social Responsibility and is committed to being officially carbon neutral certified, CO2 Neutral Conferencing maintain our positive impact on the environment.

Today we are very pleased to announce extending this commitment to being charitable, giving back and using our great company to further create a positive social impact.

We are excited to announce that Daryl, Steve, James and Larry of CO2 Neutral Conferencing’s global management and sales team are participating in a 70k trek in Northern Thailand in order to raise money for underprivileged children in the surrounding area. The trek will take place on 3rd January 2013, and the team are aiming to raise at least $70K USD along with Footsteps for Good for Child’s Dream in Thailand.

Child’s Dream is a charitable organisation, focusing on children’s health and education in the Mekong Sub – Region. This support plays a major part in securing a future for sustained social and economic development. Education also promotes a culture of peace, tolerance and understanding and builds the foundation of diversity, human rights and freedom. To find out more about the cause please visit Child’s Dream.

It’s a truly rewarding win, win situation for everyone!
The funds raised for our 70K for 70k trek on 3rd January, 2013 will be used to build boarding houses and school facilities so that children in these remote areas can attend school without having to walk up to 30km.

Now all we need is your help, please sponsor us on our quest to improve these children’s lives.

CO2 Neutral’s CEO talks about his reasons for getting involved in this worthy cause.

‘I love Thailand, it’s a destination very close to my heart. I’ve visited a few times and am in awe of the landscape, its people and the culture. It was actually on Koh Phi Phi in Southern Thailand where Steve and I came up with the idea of CO2 Neutral Conferencing.
In the past we have worked in very large global corporations where revenue, profit and bonuses are the key drive behind the businesses. It didn’t feel like there was much care for the environment, corporate responsibility or wanting to give back at all. Something that unsettled us.
So in short that’s where the idea CO2 Neutral Conferencing was born. We always knew we wanted to be as environmentally friendly as we possibly could and we’ve minimized our travel and waste to the absolute max.
Now 4 years old and profitable it’s given us the chance to step back and take a breath. The next challenge we set ourselves was getting involved in charitable ventures, to give back and be true corporate citizens who really do care for the people on this planet. Donating money is one thing, but we wanted to be actively involved too.

When we found out about Footsteps for Good, their walk and what they are achieving for underprivileged children in remote Thailand, it was an instant pull.
After reading the testimonials about the individual physical challenges, mental challenges, insightful revelations and the magical memories that those that have gone before have experienced, we couldn’t wait to be a part of it.
We are a global company with entities in AU, SG, UK and US however we don’t travel for business and use our own conferencing technology for our internal and customer meetings. This will actually be the first time that myself (NYC), Steve (London), James (Sydney) and Larry (Atlanta) have all met together in person since we started the company! What better cause could we have chosen to do so?
As a whole business, we will be fundraising in each country and asking for friends, family, customers, suppliers and partners to back us. We hope to be a massive contributor and can’t wait for the challenge and to ultimately to see the results of the money raised too’.