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Event Conferencing

CO2 Neutral Conferencing provides a fully managed event conferencing service for all your high profile events and those that require collaboration with an extensive audience; it may be any combination of phone conference, web conference, video conference or telepresence. We understand that you need it to turn out perfectly and that execution must be done precisely. Event Conferencing Be it an internal or external event, you can trust our specialist event service team to deliver your event to the highest possible standards. All you need to do is talk to us about your requirements and we will customise and manage the right package for you – Audiocast, Webcast, Videocast Remote Keynote Speaker or On-Stage Hologram – for you and your clients.  
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WWF Climate Witness

Since the beginning of our relationship with CO2 Neutral Conferencing we have run several events across the world. Due to their expertise and knowledge these events have been highly successful and well received.
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