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Audiocast provides you with the tools you need to run any large scale or high profile event phone conference with ease and professionalism. These events are operator managed, allowing the presenter to concentrate on delivery and content rather than be distracted with the technicalities of managing the call.
CO2 Neutral Audiocast not only allows you to run events such as these but also offers you features such as branded welcome messages, dedicated productions managers and live multilingual translations. You also have the option to have our operators answer every caller that joins the conference call to take their information or use our new automated pre-registration service that gives every participant a unique passcode so they can enter the call immediately, however with their information pre-stored, so the chairperson knows exactly who is in the conference call.

In addition you have a live web portal giving the speakers and call organisers a live view into the conference call, know exactly who is on and manage the Q+A timings whilst still always have an operator present to help ensure the event is perfect every time.

Audiocast Pro

Alternatively, why not reduce your conferencing spend with our secure self managed Event Conference calls, Audiocast Pro

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