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Conference Call

CO2 Neutral Conference Call allows you to hold a phone conference with anything from 3 to 40+ participants whenever you like, without the need to book in advance. Simply dial the local country access number and enter the conference code to join your meeting room. Additional features exist within CO2 Neutral Conference Call, including the security of a chairperson passcode, the ability to instantly record, and muting features to give you complete control of your phone conference.

Key to this service is call quality, globalilty and integration. With the following additional features you can be rest assured our services are second to none.

    • Mobile Controller allows you live control of your conference call from any smartphone like the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or Android devices.
    • Tablet Controller allows you live control of your conference call from any tablet like iPad or Android device. Also now join web conferences and video conferences on your tablet!
    • Integrated Conference Call gives you the ability to schedule your phone conference from within Microsoft Outlook and also gives you a web portal to control your live call.

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