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Integrated Conference Call

As a business solution, conferencing should be easy to use. We have put some simple tools into place for you to communicate in a cost-effective and secure manner any time, anywhere. CO2 Neutral Conferencing provides carbon neutral integrated conference call services to help your businesses triple bottom line.

With the Conference Call  Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, you can schedule phone conferences easily, with automatic inclusions of your passcodes and dial-in numbers into your Outlook meeting invitations.

In conjunction with the Microsoft Add-in, you can use the Desktop Controller, a web based console that, similar to the Mobile Controller app, will allow you to use your computers Internet browser as a remote controller for your conference calls. This gives you complete visibility of participants, security and control throughout the conference. You get a push notification when participants join your call, you can see line by line who is in your conference call. If a participant drops off, you will see who it is and can automatically dial them back in to avoid wasting time. For participants causing background noise we offer the unique feature of enabling you to mute individuals as a group or line by line.

Additionally with Microsoft Lync Server, you get to experience the full range of communications in a single interface. You can schedule a meeting from Microsoft Outlook and join through Microsoft Office 365 Lync Communicator client via the computer, phone or web interface. Alternatively, you can also create ad hoc meetings when you move from an Instant Messaging conversation to a Conference Call or Web Conferencing, directly from the Lync Communicator interface.

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