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International Conference Call

Today’s workforce is global. A solely domestic audio conferencing solution is no longer the right choice in this fast growing environment. With CO2 Neutral Conferencing’s Conference Call service you have a market leading global access solution.

With both local access and international toll free dial in telephone numbers available in over 60 countries worldwide, you’ll never again have to pay expensive international long distant call rates or roaming charges.

CO2 Neutral Conferencing also manages what is called a global bridging solution. We have in-region bridges in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific allowing us to achieve your domestic calling at the highest quality, with one single global access number set.

Benefits of the CO2 Neutral Conferencing global bridging solution:

  • Regardless of where the chairperson or participants are in your global workforce they always dial the same telephone number to join their conference calls.
  • The unique passcode then determines which bridge the call belongs on and routes the call to the bridge automatically.
  • No more having multiple dial-in numbers per regional bridge.
  • An easier solution for chair-people and participants to manage within your global organisation.

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