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Mobile Controller

Smartphones like the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile have freed us from being slaves to our desks and allow us to stay connected while on the move. With companies encouraging the use of audio conferencing to increase productivity and profit whilst reducing travel costs and carbon emissions, CO2 Neutral Conferencing is proud to bring you a more convenient way to manage your phone conferences from your mobile device.

The way you manage your teleconferences has evolved. As the chairperson, no longer do you have the confusion of waiting on hold until your participants have joined, or not knowing who is on the call or just dropped off and no more annoying unknown background noise.

With the mobile controller using your smartphone, you have a complete visual of what is happening in your conference call, live! You get a push notification when participants join your call, you can see line by line who is in your conference call. If a participant drops off, you will see who it is and can automatically dial them back in to avoid wasting time. For participants causing background noise we offer the unique feature of enabling you to mute individuals as a group or line by line.

With mobile controller, you are able to join as the chairperson from any phone not just your own mobile. You also have the benefit of adding latecomers directly from your address book on your phone, simply select their name and the conference bridge automatically dials out to them, it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Mobile controller allows you to use your mobile phone as a remote controller for your conference calls. This gives you complete visibility of participants, security and control throughout the conference.
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