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Tablet Controller

In a similar fashion to Mobile Controller you can also control your conference call directly from your iPad or Android device.

With the Tablet Controller using your iPad or Android device you have a complete visual of what is happening in your conference call, live! You get a push notification when participants join your call, you can see line by line who is in your conference call. If a participant drops off, you will see who it is and can automatically dial them back in to avoid wasting time. For participants causing background noise we offer the unique feature of enabling you to mute individuals as a group or line by line.

Tablet controller allows you to use your tablet as a remote controller for your conference calls. This give you complete visibility of participants, security and control throughout the conference.

As an additional service you can now use your tablet (iPad or Android) to join or host a web conference using Cisco WebEx or join or host a HD video conference using Video Conference Software Vidyo.
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