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The latest generation of video conference technology, telepresence solutions use a combination of technology elements and environmental design to create a two-way, immersive communications experience that simulates an in-person, interactive encounter. With the same furniture on both sides and super high definition it actually feels as though the remote participants are sitting across the table from you.


Historically, telepresence is a very expensive service to implement and not accessible for every organisation. We at CO2 Neutral Conferencing have access to the world’s first public Telepresence Room Hire suites with over 50 locations in major cities worldwide that you can hire on an hourly basis.

If you are ready to purchase telepresence equipment we can supply you with and provide recommendations of the various telepresence equipment, including: Cisco Telepresence, LifeSize Conference, Cisco Tandberg Telepresence,  Polycom Realpresence and On-Stage Hologram.

To sign up, trial or find out more information about our limited time special offers contact us today.