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Cisco Telepresence

Through the realism and quality of Cisco Telepresence, you are able to enhance the collaboration value of your meetings whilst saving money, time, and lessening your environmental impact.



The Cisco TelePresence portfolio includes:

  • TelePresence Endpoints – Immersive
  • TelePresence Endpoints – Multipurpose
  • TelePresence Endpoints – Personal
  • TelePresence Exchange Products
  • TelePresence Infrastructure
  • TelePresence Peripherals
  • TelePresence Solutions Platform

Cisco TelePresence uses standard IP technology, and runs on an integrated voice, video, and data network. This means you can use your current broadband connections to support high-quality, real-time voice and video communications between your offices at a reduced cost.

CO2 Neutral Conferencing can help you select the right applications and solutions to support your specific business requirements.
Products include…

  • Tandberg Telepresence T3
  • Cisco TelePresence System 3010
  • Cisco TelePresence System 1300

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