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Video Conferencing

Face-to-face interactions are vital in building trust and rapport with your clients and colleagues on a daily basis. Despite tightening travel budgets and time constraints, video conferencing offers the benefits of physical meetings without the added cost to you and the environment.

Whether it be a desktop or tablet solution for your telecommuting staff, a fully integrated video conferencing system for your corporate boardroom or even a telepresence system for your bi-weekly executive board meetings, we have the expertise to help deliver your face-to-face requirements effectively and efficiently.

Video Conference

CO2 Neutral Conferencing will work with you to determine the best video conferencing solutions for your specific needs, which can be met by:

  • Video Conference Bridging to connect multiple video conference suites together worldwide regardless of type of system or network
  • Video Conference Software Vidyo a market leading desktop, smartphone and tablet multi-party video conferencing solution that can still connect to legacy equipment
  • Videocast event service managing a mixture of video conferencing, audio and web
  • On-Stage Hologram giving the magical appearance that a speaker is on stage delivering a keynote, whilst actually they are in a completely different global location

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EDT Global

We have been using the services of CO2 Neutral Conferencing for some time now and quite frankly I don’t think our business would function quite the same without it
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