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Video Conference Software Vidyo

High Definition desktop video conferencing is here!

Through our partnership with manufacturer Vidyo, we are able to provide our world-class desktop video conferencing solution.

It’s an entirely hosted Software as a Service that allows you to connect via video conference from your PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone device either point to point or multipoint .

In addition those who can only join via conference call can dial a telephone number and connect into the video conference.

You also have the ability to let others take control of the meeting and collaborate their documents too. Other great features include annotation, webcam sharing and many more.

Or those who have already have legacy video conferencing equipment such as Polycom, Cisco Tandberg or LifeSize (Logitech) can connect too via our gateway.

Products include…

  • VidyoDesktop
  • VidyoMobile
  • VidyoPanorama
  • VidyRouter
  • VidyoRoom
  • VidyoPortal
  • VidyoReplay
  • VidyoGateway

To sign up, trial or find out more information about our limited time special offers contact us today.