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Web Conferencing

As a supplier of all the main brands of web conferencing, the CO2 Neutral Conferencing team works with you to find out what you really need before recommending the optimal solution for you. This not only enhances the utilization of your new web conferencing solution, but it also increases adoption amongst your staff engagement, thus giving you the best possible return on investment.

You also have the ability to let others take control of the meeting and collaborate their documents too. Other great features include annotation, webcam sharing and many more.

Our web conference solutions allow you to add data-sharing on any PC, Mac or even tablets for your participants, so rather than just talking about a budget sheet or Powerpoint presentation, you can actually push it live to your participants online. You also have the ability to let others take control of the meeting and collaborate with their documents too. Additional great features include annotation, webcam sharing and many more.

Each of the CO2 Neutral Conferencing Web Conference solutions are differently suited depending on the nature and frequency of your conference. When you have smaller meetings with document sharing we offer Microsoft® Office Live Meeting and Cisco WebEx.

If you hold meetings, webinars and training sessions regularly, Citrix Online tools such as Citrix GoToMeeting, Citrix GoToWebinar and Citrix GoToTraining would be the perfect suite of web conferencing services for you. We also offer Adobe Connect as a web conferencing solution for online meetings, E – learning and webinars.

When you require large quarterly investor relations / internal communications calls with the need to cater for up to thousands of participants, Webcast can provide your organization with the desktop conferencing solution that perfectly matches your usage and needs.




CO2 Neutral Conferencing provides implementation, support and training for a comprehensive and diverse suite of web conferencing services. We offer a consultative approach for our clients to find out what web conferencing solution will best suit their needs. CO2 Neutral Conferencing takes into consideration various factors such as current situation and what can be improved, needs, goals, and IT environment, estimated utilization and budget.

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Aberdeen Asset Management

We have always treated CO2 Neutral Conferencing as our business partner. Holding a good webinar is like having the world at your fingertips
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