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Free Webinar

Free Webinar!   Hassle Free!   Carbon Free!

Host your first Webinar for up to 500 participants with CO2 Neutral Conferencing for FREE!

The world’s first carbon neutral conference provider will fully manage your setup at no additional cost and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time!!

Cut down on costs, expand your business, use the ultimate marketing solution .. Webinar!

Why Webinar ..

Webinar, short for Web-based seminar is a presentation, lecture, workshop, seminar that is transmitted over the Web. A Webinar gives you the ability to discuss, give and receive valuable information.

A Webinar is there to create interest around your ideas or news. It’s a great way to attract attention and obtain valuable awareness. Promotional opportunities are there for the picking once you’ve dangled the carrot and people/attendees register their intention to attend your Webinar. Review, promote discuss a product or offer on a Webinar and you also have the opportunity to increase sales.

Your audience can break down by questions and clarification, the areas that interest them most which means accelerated learning and educating. Recordings can be made and delivered in the form of video, audio, slides and transcripts. As your audience are able to hear and interact with you connections and relationships have the ability to build faster and create credibility. Audiences are more likely to spend with those they know!

The possibilities are endless but please don’t take our word for it, give it a try and see for yourself, you’ve really nothing to lose as it’s completely FREE!

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