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Finance and Investment Conferencing

Communicate to individuals, Institutional Investors and the media via Operator Assisted Webinars. Stream your message via a number of channels, all project managed by CO2 Neutral Conferencing. See the management information on who attended, and contact those that didn’t with the recording or a link to the webinar.


Learning and Development / E Learning Conferencing

Enhance your Learning and Development program with remote and mobile learning tools.  The Web Conferencing systems from CO2 Neutral Conferencing allows your business to train colleagues and customers remotely as well as giving the ability for recorded training to be streamed to desktop, mobile devices and E-Learning platforms.


Law and Legal Conferencing

CO2 Neutral Conferencing Legal Service is compliant with the Access to Justice Act of 1999 and Practice Direction 23 for the participation of legal hearings via conference call.  This service can be booked on-line or via a telephone booking.


Medical and Pharmaceutical Conferencing

Increase reach to sales channels through the use of conferencing technology.  Product demonstrations to medical staff and webinars showcasing new products are a cost effective way to communicate with busy medical professionals.


IT and Technology Conferencing

Home-based working and remote support is becoming ever more important in the IT sector.  CO2 Neutral Conferencing’s portfolio allows staff to work remotely whilst staying in touch with customers and colleagues via the use of collaborative tools.  Audio and web conferencing coupled with desktop video solutions allow an immersive home working environment.

Media and Publishing Conferencing

Utilise the products on the market to enhance access to your clients and their customers.  Accelerate the speed at which it is possible to get your message out there with web streaming and webinar technology.

Recruitment Conferencing

Candidates and clients are often located in many different parts of the country or even the world. Make the world smaller through use of our unique video conference solutions that allows users to call in on Skype, but to your professional interview rooms with professionally installed video conference equipment for recently reduced costs.

Government Conferencing

With increasing pressure to reduce Government spending across the board, you can now reduce travel and carbon emissions. Utilize conferencing technology as a means to significantly reduce costs and help workers in-state and out of state work together more effectively.


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