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Law and Legal Conferencing

Law and legal conferencing services provided by CO2 Neutral Conferencing is bringing some unique aspects to this sector for all Phone Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing and Telepresence technologies.

Telephone hearings using the Conference Call service now has full bill back capability for every call, so no longer will you miss a matter number, file number or project code on your invoice. New security features include being able to see live who is in your audio conference using the Mobile Controller an excellent service for law and legal conferencing.

When collaborating between lawyers or working through legal documentation with a client or apposing legal team, web conferencing is a great solution to all be on the same page at the same time and make live changes. No more having to go back and forth emailing various versions to one another. Check out Cisco WebEx.

When the face to face element is important but physically impossible due to cost, or location or even imprisonment, our video solutions are second to none, whether it’s a standard Video Conference Bridging or a more simple Video Conference Software Vidyo Solution that’s required CO2 Neutral Conferencing can deliver whatever is required.

  • CO2 Neutral Conferencing Legal Solutions is our easy-to-use audio conferencing service, provided to the legal profession to help conduct telephone hearings.
  • For UK customers this service has been enhanced to help you conform with the audio conferencing requirements of the Access to Justice Act of 1999, which now stipulates that audio conferencing MUST be used for certain types of legal case hearings.
  • CO2 Neutral Conferencing Legal Solutions brings legal parties together by dialling-out to each party to meet with a Judge, in order to exchange/present information without having to be in the same court location.
  • You have the flexibility to decide how you wish to book a telephone hearing, book online or by telephone.

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