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Media and Publishing Conferencing

Today’s world allows for messages to be broadcast to ever wider audiences, faster, and with more interaction than ever before.  CO2 Neutral Conferencing has a range of products to get your message out to the world, and get statistics and feedback so that return on investment can be measured. Outlined below is a range of services for media and publishing conferencing.

Event calls – Reach out to a large audience with our Audiocast service

  • Receive details of the participants who have registered for the event and those that actually attend the call
  • Record the call for later publication
  • Integrate Cisco Webex or Microsoft Office Live Meeting into the call for added visual content
  • Fully project managed by our dedicated Audiocast team

Webcast and Webinar

  • Unlimited numbers of participants
  • Fully project managed and customisable
  • Record the broadcast via your own video conferencing units or through one of our Video Conference Room Hire
  • Integrates with 1080p full HD quality video conferencing
  • Full management information available, customisable to the event


Phone Conferencing and Web Conferencing

  • Reservationless and easy to use with Conference Call
  • Control from iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphones with Mobile Controller
  • Schedule from Outlook using Integrated Conference
  • Interactive – recording facility and online monitoring
  • Easy to see billing split by user and by call


The suite of products provided by CO2 Neutral Conferencing provides new and innovative ways to communicate with clients during their increasingly hectic schedules.  It also increases the reach of any message to a greater audience via the media of Unified Communications.

To sign up, trial or find out more information about our limited time special offers contact us today.