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Medical and Pharmaceutical Conferencing

As the medical and pharmaceutical industry globalizes, there is a need for the ability to reach out to staff and customers alike in various parts of the world.

CO2 Neutral Conferencing’s product suite allows for internal communication with staff globally, as well as communication and broadcasts to clients, wherever they happen to be.  Reaching out to doctors, nurses and purchasing in the medical industry, all of whom are extremely busy, can often be a challenge, but technology can assist in getting the message out.

The CO2 Neutral Conferencing suite of products is designed to deliver the ability to:

Hold conference calls between co-workers, clients and other parties wherever they happen to be in the world

Add visual content to your meetings with the use of Web Conferencing tools

Host a Video Conference with your own equipment or from one of our many conference rooms around the world.

Reach out to customers via new media such as mobile learning.  Stream content to a doctor’s smart phone about a specific product to be watched at a later date or create webinars that can be viewed at home or anywhere with an internet connection.

The CO2 Neutral Conferencing suite of products gives a new and efficient way to interact with customers and staff, through a range of multimedia solutions that can be specifically tailored for your medical and pharmaceutical conferencing needs.

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