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Recruitment Conferencing

The recruitment industry is always looking for new and innovative ways to reach out to clients and candidates alike, whilst at the same time being focused on value for money.  Many recruitment companies have looked to Skype to fill this gap, and CO2 Neutral Conferencing has some technology that complements this.


LifeSize Passport with Skype integration

  • HD video conferencing by LifeSize (Logitech) that integrates with Skype
  • Interview candidates from your boardroom to thier Skype at home
  • The LifeSize Passport also integrates with any video conferencing unit worldwide, either via IP or using CO2 Neutral’s Video Conference Bridging services
  • Allow candidates to be interviewed from your boardroom by connecting to clients own video equipment, or by using our Video Conference Room Hire
  • Cost effective and operational on standard broadband connection


Phone Conferencing and Web Conferencing

  • Communicating internally is extremely important for any recruitment agency, when you have a hot candidate or job vacancy that needs to be shared with a large group of people. Rather than just email everyone get them on a Conference Call or Web Conferencing and tell them exactly what’s required from your perspective.

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