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Sustainable Business

Sustainability and Green initiatives are the leading agenda in many organisations. This is also known as Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR for short.

An organisation that embraces CSR will implement a range of measures to ensure their actions have a positive impact on the environment, their consumers, their employees, their communities, their stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

One area where organisations can have a positive impact on the environment is by  committing and take decisive actions to reduce their carbon emissions and carbon footprint.

Companies do this in many ways via less waste, recycling, re-using, energy reduction, travel reduction etc. Forward thinking organizations also look at not only the impact their own business is making but also the follow on effects of how their product or service impacts the environment and also their suppliers’ carbon footprint.

In our industry using conferencing technology to reduce a customer’s carbon footprint has been widely promoted for some time. Rather than traveling long distances for face-to-face meetings – you can keep your communication channels constantly open whilst simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and your corporate travel expenses by using conferencing technology as as alternative.

To give you an idea –  if 100 employees use video conferencing once a week instead of commuting, it would save the equivalent of a forest the size of five football fields.

In addition unlike other conferencing companies, we at CO2 Neutral Conferencing actually take into account the supply chain of the services we provide and the effect they may have on our own footprint. We have internal procedures that keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum, whilst encouraging our suppliers to continuously improve their footprint and buy the best carbon credits in the industry. In doing this we will not only be officially NoCO2 certified, but also remain the premium carbon neutral conference service provider.

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